There have been so many times in my life that I have forgotten something important. Let me give you just one example, that really doesn’t have to do with armor, but it’s an example of something forgotten. Dawn and I ran to the grocery store on a very, very cold wintery evening. Our son, Andrew, was with us and we were picking up a few items that we need. We rushed through the store, paid for the groceries and Andrew was loading them in the back of the van.

Well, what I didn’t tell you was that Dawn and I were having….well….one of those discussions. She and I had gotten into the front of the van. We heard the back doors shut and I put the van in gear and drove off. Now, Dawn and I were still having our “conversation” as we were driving down the road. We got several miles down the road and decided that we would pick up a sub on the way home for supper and asked Andrew what kind he wanted.

If your mind is ahead of my story, you can guess that we left Andrew back at the grocery store. He had shut the doors of the van, and according to him, was just putting them in his pocket when he noticed that I was driving away. He yelled and yelled, but obviously I didn’t hear him. He told us later that he just kind of stood there not believing what was happening. He really thought I was just joking with him and was going to turn around and come back and pick him up. That was until he saw me pull out of the parking lot and drive out of sight. That’s when he knew he was in trouble. Especially since his coat, gloves, and hat were in the van.

Ephesians 6:13 reemphasizes for us to put on all of the armor of God. Actually, I like what the God’s Word translation says, “For this reason, take up all the armor that God supplies. Then you will be able to take a stand during these evil days. Once you have overcome all obstacles, you will be able to stand your ground.” This means, DON’T FORGET ANYTHING!!! There is a duty for us, as believers, we have to put on the whole armor. This must be important, because it is stressed here again. This just shows us how essential the armor is for our protection against the enemy.

So, the big question is, “Why?” Why do we need to have all this armor? Why do we need to put it on daily? Isn’t God big enough to handle the enemy? Doesn’t He live in us? If He lives in us, then why do we need the armor? All good questions. Kind of like, why did Andrew need to have his coat? Why did he need to have his hat? Why did he need to have his gloves? He has warm blood in his body, right? If the blood in his body was created to warm him when he gets cold, then why does he need a hat, gloves, and a heavy coat when it’s cold outside? All good questions, right?

Well, we need the armor because of evil days. Okay, then, what are the evil days? I’m so glad you asked that question. Let’s take a moment and look into it.

  • It refers to today—to the onslaught of evil that is in the world today. After all wouldn’t you say that the world is evil today? I mean look around. Read the paper, well we don’t do that anymore do we. Check out the internet. Watch the news. Murder is up. Crime is up. Deceit is up. Name it, it’s up. There is a lot of evil going on in our world today. Everywhere you turn. You just can’t seem to get away from it. Ephesians 5:16 tells us; “the days are evil.” This is not tomorrow, this is today. Why do we need the whole armor? Because the days, today, is full of evil.
  • It refers to any day—to the onslaught of temptations and trials that confront us at any given moment during a day. How many times are you tempted to eat of the fruit? Oh, you know what I mean by that. How many times, Eve, are you tempted to take of the fruit of the tree that you’re not supposed to take of? How many times are you tempted to sin? How many times does temptation come knocking on your door? Once a day? Twice a day? If you’re lucky. We need the whole armor of God so that we can battle the temptation that is coming and knocking on our door almost every moment of every day.
  • It refers to the day of unusual temptation and trial—to a special onslaught and barrage of evil that is thrown against us. Are there any days where it just seems like everywhere you turn there’s temptation? Everywhere you turn there a trial? You get through one, there’s another, then another, then another. It just doesn’t stop. That’s why you need the whole armor.

We are called to withstand the day of evil. But we can’t without the armor. We can’t unless we’re dressed completely. We can’t unless we’re ready for battle. Andrew wasn’t ready to face the elements of that cold night. Of course, that wasn’t totally his fault, well maybe it was. You see, if he had, had his coat, hat and gloves on instead of in the van, then he would’ve been prepared. Of course, his comment would be, “If you would’ve loved me and hadn’t left me standing there in the cold, I wouldn’t have needed my coat, hat, and gloves.” The temptation at this point is to blame each other. But that’s another subject for another time, lol. Until then, put on the whole armor of God so that you will be able to fight off the enemy.

Until Next Time,

Pastor Rob

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