As most kids growing up I played a lot of street football. We’d gather in the church yard, where the gym is now, pick teams, and play until we just couldn’t play any longer. Of course, we didn’t have any pads, helmets, or sense. We’d say it was two-hand touch, but in reality…it would end up being tackle football. More than likely someone, usually me, would end up landing on their head. I really think that is why I have some of my neck issues now.

I remember one particular play that we were running. I was on defense and was to rush the quarterback. The other team had one player that stayed in to protect the quarterback from being tagged down. The ball was put in play. The quarterback took three steps back from the line. I stood and counted to 5 and started my rush. I dodged around the defender and almost had the quarterback. All I had to do was leap for him and I’d have him. I curled up my legs to take that leap, sprung into the air, and…POW!!!! I got hit hard by the defender. I did a complete flip in the air. Flying head over heels, I was headed toward the ground and knew in that moment that I was going to hit hard. The first thing I put out was my hands to try and break my fall. That didn’t work out so well because the defender fell into me as well and swept my arms away from my fall. I landed straight down on my head. The quarterback threw the ball and the other team scored.

I laid there a minute, looking at the stars that were floating around in my vision. The defender got up and said, “Good hit, huh.” I’m not sure what I said in return, but what I do remember is that my neck felt really good at that moment. I got up, eventually, and lined up with my team and we continued to play. Looking back, I probably should’ve quit and went home, but you know….you don’t want to look like a wimp.

The helmet covered the head and the mind of the soldier. We needed those while playing football. The head, of course, was the core of a soldier’s power to wage war. His thinking ability was the most important factor in determining his victory or defeat. Therefore, the soldier needed a helmet to protect his head and mind. Of course our sign of being a soldier in the army of the Lord is the helmet of salvation or deliverance. We must protect our mind, our thoughts, and keep all our thoughts on the Leader, Jesus and His objective or reaching the world with the glorious news that everyone can live forever.

The helmet that protects our mind, as believers, is salvation. Unless we have been saved, our mind cannot be protected from the fiery darts of temptation. The mind of the unsaved is focused on this earth; it is normal and natural for them to seek more and more. To possess more and more. To look at the opposite sex with desire. To taste and indulge the good things of this world. To feel and experience, satisfying their desires and passions. To have and hoard even when others have little nothing.

The unsaved see nothing wrong with being their own person and doing their own thing just so they are reasonable considerate of others. Their mind and thoughts are on the earth and the fiery darts of extravagance, indulgence, pleasure, self-centeredness, worldliness, license, hoarding, and immorality are a part of their world’s daily behavior.

But this is not so with those of us who have been saved. Our mind is focused on Christ and His mission of sharing the good news of life, both life abundant and life eternal. It’s because of this that the enemy launches his fiery darts of temptation against our minds, trying to get our thoughts and attention off of Christ and the conquest and ministry to souls. As soldiers in God’s army, we desperately need the helmet of salvation. The helmet of salvation means the knowledge of hope of salvation. Knowing that we are saved and hoping for the glorious day of redemption. That should stir us to keep our minds and thoughts on Christ and off of sin and this world. It should arouse us to focus on Christ and His mission to carry the gospel to a needy and dying world.

Let me leave you with this thought from the Apostle Paul; “Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ” 2 Corinthians 10:5.

 Until Next Time,

Pastor Rob

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