Every boy has played with swords at one point in their lives and we were no different. If we didn’t have a real wooden stick, that looked like a real sword, we have a stick from a tree that we used as a sword. We’d hold them up and say, “Un-guard!!!” Then we’d start swinging them at each other, clanging the sticks, moving back and forth, and even chasing each other through the yard. Sometimes we were pirates, sometimes we were Medieval knights, sometimes we were just kids in the backyard who were swinging sticks at each other. Whatever we were on that particular day, we were having fun, swinging sticks, and using our swords. Until…..

Of course, you have that moment when one would get hit with the stick. One would move a little too close and hit the other one’s hand, accidently of course. One would hit the other on the shoulder, or in the back, or wherever. The one thing that we all agreed on…is that when you got hit, it hurt. Usually, it left a bruise, or a mark. Then, we had to get even, because we were mad and started swinging away at our “enemy.”

The great thing about the Sword of the Spirit is the “power” of this piece of the armor. We have to remember that the sword was a weapon used for both defense and offense. The sword was use both to protect and to fight off and slay the enemy. The sign that we are truly trusting the Lord, that we are in His army, is our use of the Word of God. By our living in the Scriptures, we protect ourselves from the onslaught of the enemy; and we fight and win battle after battle, day after day.

Remember, Jesus, Himself overcame the onslaught of the devil by using Scripture. Matthew 4:4 says, “Jesus answered, “Scripture says, ‘A person cannot live on bread alone but on every word that God speaks.’ ”  There are several examples in the life of Christ where He used the Word, especially when dealing with the Pharisees. The written Word is the one weapon that assures our victory as soldiers. Because the “Word of God is living and active and sharper than any two-edged sword.”

We have to remember in this battle that the enemy has his weapons as well. He has his sword as well. Just like when my brothers and I would swing those sticks, there are times when we might get hit by the enemy’s sword. There are times when we might get our hand hit, or our shoulder, or our arm. The question is, “What are we going to do?” I know that when I or my brothers got hit with the “sword” we got angry. We went after the other. Believer…we need to get angry when the enemy comes against us. We need to come against him with the power of the Word. We need to swing our Sword and slay the enemy. We need to swing our Sword and destroy the enemy. I know that Scripture says that he is roaming around seeking whom he may devour. I’m here to tell you that you have all kinds of power in your Sword. In the Name of Jesus, swing it. Slay the enemy!!!

Until next time, walk in victory that is yours, speaking the Word that sets people free.

Pastor Rob

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