It’s always good to start at the beginning. There are many times when doing projects that I’ve started in the middle. I don’t know why, my wife would say it’s because I’m a man, but I end up having to go back and start at the beginning.

So, when did the universe come into being? When did it first begin? Remember that we’re looking into Genesis, the book of beginnings. So, when was matter first formed and energy first activated? When were the heavens and earth created? The bible tells us, and it tells us in the simplest of ways, in a way that all nations of people can understand. The heavens and earth were created in the beginning. Can you imagine if God had started in the middle of creation? Where do you put the trees? Where do you put the water? Where do the birds land? You must start at the beginning.

There was a beginning for the universe. Neither the world nor human life are eternal. The universe has not always existed. The phrase in the beginning means there was a time when everything first started, when the universe first began. The idea is the absolute beginning of things, the absolute beginning of time.

The universe had a beginning. There was a time when the world did not exist, and then suddenly—out of nowhere and out of nothing—the world began. The things of the world had a beginning. There was a beginning to the things that surround us. There was a beginning of the things that we handle, deal with and possess. There was a beginning of the things that constitute our own being. There was a beginning of the things that are physical and material. That was a beginning of the things that compose the substances of the world. There was a beginning of the things that make up all matter and all energy.

As I’ve already stated, all things have a beginning. There was a time when there was nothing, no heavens and no earth, no physical matter and no physical energy, no atoms, electrons, protons, no neutrons, and no hydrogen nor any other gaseous substance. There was nothing in the physical and material world or dimension of being. Then, all of sudden, out of nowhere and out of nothing, the universe began to be made. The process of time began. There was a beginning. The universe—material and physical things—began. The physical world and dimension of being was launched. When? “In the beginning”—in absolute beginning of creation.

It’s important that we study this passage and pay attention to it. There are many times that we just read Scripture, or in today’s age we listen to it, but we never really give it much thought. We never really dig into the meaning. Well, this is important to us because we need to know where we came from and why we are here. After all, aren’t you wondering what your purpose is? We can never fulfill our purpose on earth unless we know who put us here and why we are here. This passage also stands as a dramatic warning to us. Since we had a beginning, we also have an ending. I know, I know, that you think you’re going to live forever. But let me tell you, you were born to die. I’m sorry, but your life will come to an end. The key to facing the end is to be prepared for it. We have to prepare for the Person who gave us our beginning. We must repent and prepare to face our Creator.

Jesus came to reveal the Creator to us with no uncertain terms. All throughout the Old Testament God revealed Himself to Israel. Jesus came to reveal Him to the entire world. He came to open access the Throne Room of God to everyone, not just Jews. He tells us in Matthew, “And saying, repent ye: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.” That message hasn’t changed since Jesus spoke it. The Kingdom of heaven is still at hand. You can be a part of that Kingdom today. Jesus is the beginning and the ending of all things. It is to Him that we must repent and turn to. The great gift from our Creator was not being able to walk on this earth, although that is special. The greatest gift is to be able to walk this earth free from Sin. That gift comes through Jesus. Praise the LORD!!!! That means that this great gift will NOT pass away, well, at least not until we all gather together in heaven at the end of time here on earth.

You now know that there was a beginning. “In the beginning God created heaven and earth.” Genesis 1:1. All things have a beginning. All things have an end. How are you living in the middle of the two and how will you end? Are you ready to meet the Creator? If not on His terms, email me at and I’d be glad to contact you so we can talk about that. Don’t leave this world to stand in His presence not ready to meet Him. He’s made a way to leave with an awesome ending.

Until next time,

Pastor Rob

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